SF 512 Inverter for Harman Pellet Stoves: Engineered for Proper Stove Operation

Posted by Jason Vickery / November 19, 2015 /
inverter for harman pellet stoves

We recently received an email from a customer, and the message was one we hear frequently. The emailer had purchased a modified sine wave inverter from an outside source in an attempt to create his own pellet stove battery backup for his Harman ® stove. The inverter he purchased had ample power capacity necessary to do the job. Notwithstanding, the customer ended up frying the control board in his pellet stove and footing a bill for costly repairs. He then installed an SF 512 battery backup system which was factory recommended and worked properly with the stove. He became indignant and puzzled that this SEC America Surefire product (model SF512), was able to interface seamlessly with the Harman ® pellet stove even though it also produces modified sine wave power.


5 Ways to Prevent Pellet Stove Fire Damage in Your Home

Posted by Ernest Herz / November 12, 2015 /
how to prevent pellet stove fire damage in your home

For many people, one of the most attractive aspects of pellet stoves is the fact that they are relatively clean-burning. But consumers shouldn’t take that statement to mean that pellet stoves are any safer than other means of heating their homes. 

In a National Fire Protection Association study, it was reported that heating equipment was involved in 53,600 home structure fires, 400 civilian deaths, and $893 million in direct property damage in 2013. Heating equipment is one of the most common causes of home structure fires and fire damage in the U.S. If you use a pellet stove to heat your home, take the proper precautions to protect yourself from fire damage. Use these five tips to help prevent pellet stove fire damage in your home.


Can I Use a Computer UPS to Power a Pellet Stove?

Posted by Ernest Herz / November 06, 2015 / NEWS

computer ups to power a pellet stove

When people install a new pellet stove, one of the first questions they have is whether or not they can use a computer UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, to run their appliance in the event of a power outage. Many pellet stove owners’ manuals will say that the answer is yes, but there are some risks and considerations associated with this practice that every pellet stove owner needs to be aware of.  


How to Use Your Pellet Stove During a Power Outage

Posted by Ernest Herz / November 05, 2015 /
how to use your pellet stove during a power outage

With all of today’s modern conveniences, we often don’t think about what we’ll do if something goes wrong until it’s too late. Unless they have an alternative heat source like a wood-burning fireplace, pellet stove owners need to have a backup plan for using their pellet stove during a power outage. This is especially true for people who live in rural areas where power outages can last hours or days.  


How Does a Pellet Stove Battery Backup Affect Insurance?

Posted by Ernest Herz / November 02, 2015 / NEWS
how does a pellet stove battery backup affect insurance

As fuel prices rise and people continue to seek alternative methods for heating their homes, pellet stoves are becoming continuously more popular. In response, homeowners' insurance companies have had to consider these alternative heating appliances when writing policies for their customers. Despite the positive cost- and energy-saving benefits of installing a pellet stove, many people wonder how the stove may affect their homeowners insurance. Can using a pellet stove battery backup help reduce your insurance rates? We explore the answer below.


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