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Safe Battery Backups for Existing Main Sump Pumps

Posted by Patel Ikshishni / June 01, 2021 / NEWS

If you need sump pump backup but extra space is unavailable in the sump pit and you want to maintain the pumping capacity of your main pump, you may decide to select a power inverter to generate AC power from a battery.


Computers Trickle Down DC Power

Posted by Patel Ikshishni / June 17, 2012 / NEWS

All electronic devices require DC power to operate.

Many, who have assembled a modern PC are aware of the component diversity found within. Circuit topology identified by names such as TTL and CMOS, are implemented as parts of circuit function blocks such as CPUs, ROMs, RAMs, EEPROMs, and Hard Drives. Each circuit is known to have its particular voltage demands from the power supply. As well each of these circuit blocks may have its own DC-DC converter to make certain that not only does it receive proper voltage, but also to ensure that this voltage is maintained within close tolerances. Deviation from the nominal voltage may result in damage to the circuit or the loss of proper function causing data corruption. Typically these DC-DC converters are of the small step down mono blocks, which plug into a circuit board and supply a defined local circuit. Levels of power normally available from such DC-DC converters are in the 2 to 10 Watt range and their output voltages may have standard values specified by the manufacturers of the types of integrated circuits they are intended to energize. DC voltages of 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V are common.


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