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How many hours does a sump pump battery backup last?

Posted by Jason Vickery / September 04, 2019 /

A Brief History and Appreciation of Batteries

Posted by Jason Vickery / June 06, 2017 /

Batteries have had an essential aninteresting part of our history and technological advancement.  Going back as far as 250 B.C., batteries provided the main source of energy prior to the development of electric grids and generators.  Improvements in battery technology have made way for major electrical innovations.  From early scientific breakthroughs to devices like the telegraph and telephones right up through today’s modern laptops, mobile phones and even cars, batteries have made all kinds technological strides possible.


Why Traditional Backup Sump Pumps Fall Short of Expectations

Posted by Jason Vickery / May 22, 2017 /

Pump Sentry is not a backup pump. It is a combination inverter-battery charger, otherwise known as an uninterruptable power supply (UPS). It is designed to keep your primary pump operating at peak performance during power outages. 


How Safe Are Pellet Stoves?

Posted by Jason Vickery / January 22, 2016 /

Self-standing heating devices such as space heaters and pellet stoves, were attributed to be the causes of one third of reported U.S. home heating fires in 2007-2011. As with any method of home heating, there is risk involved with pellet stove use and that is borne out by the weekly news stories about house fires.


SF 512 Inverter for Harman Pellet Stoves: Engineered for Proper Stove Operation

Posted by Jason Vickery / November 19, 2015 /
inverter for harman pellet stoves

We recently received an email from a customer, and the message was one we hear frequently. The emailer had purchased a modified sine wave inverter from an outside source in an attempt to create his own pellet stove battery backup for his Harman ® stove. The inverter he purchased had ample power capacity necessary to do the job. Notwithstanding, the customer ended up frying the control board in his pellet stove and footing a bill for costly repairs. He then installed an SF 512 battery backup system which was factory recommended and worked properly with the stove. He became indignant and puzzled that this SEC America Surefire product (model SF512), was able to interface seamlessly with the Harman ® pellet stove even though it also produces modified sine wave power.


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