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48V DC For Telecommunications: Powering An Industry

Posted by Ernest Herz / March 15, 2016 /

Why is 48V a telecommunications industry standard operating voltage? There are several reasons why this is the case. First, it is considered a “compromise voltage” because this voltage level is high enough to enable relatively low signal loss for transmissions over large distances and yet low enough to be considered a “safe low voltage.”  Most common safety regulations internationally consider levels below 50V to be safe. 

Another advantage of this voltage level is that four 12V batteries connected in series create a 48V DC backup power source, usable in the event of electrical power outage. Many central stations have elaborate arrays of 48V battery banks which may occupy even an entire room.


DC-DC Converters for Utility Trucks: Harnessing the Secret Power

Posted by Ernest Herz / March 10, 2016 / NEWS

When trucks first came into popular use, nobody would have dreamed of the numerous specialty applications evolving in the ensuing decades. In those days, only a fraction of homes had electricity. Today one is hard put to find a building that does not, thanks to the existence of the electrical power grid.  The maintenance of the functionality of the power grid is made possible through the capabilities ofutility trucks and their trained operators.


Choosing a DC-DC Converter for PLC (Programmed Logic Controllers)

Posted by Ernest Herz / March 07, 2016 / NEWS

Programmed Logic Controllers are used in many facets of automation control of electromechanical processes. The range of applications has expanded to include managing robotics on automotive assembly lines to controlling chemical sprayers and amusement park rides. Much of PLC circuitry is comprised of relays, and electronic circuit cards, which use DC power as their source.  As PLC’s have evolved, so has the need for them to become mobile for many of their uses. Some of these mobile adaptations include incorporation into:


High Power Mil-Standard DC-DC Converters: Anywhere on the Globe

Posted by Ernest Herz / December 01, 2015 /

When challenged with naming the organizations best-equipped to meet global environmental conditions, most people would answer “the military.” US and NATO armed forces have endured operations in Iraq, Vietnam, the North Pole, and over the world’s oceans. These extreme environments challenge the equipment utilized by armed forces. Over the years, with the evolution of technology, military standards have been enhanced to redefine and increase equipment performance expectations both for active field service and transport to theaters of operation. Testing apparatus for rigorous condition simulation and instrumentation used for performance measurement have become increasingly more sophisticated.  


5 Ways to Prevent Pellet Stove Fire Damage in Your Home

Posted by Ernest Herz / November 12, 2015 /
how to prevent pellet stove fire damage in your home

For many people, one of the most attractive aspects of pellet stoves is the fact that they are relatively clean-burning. But consumers shouldn’t take that statement to mean that pellet stoves are any safer than other means of heating their homes. 

In a National Fire Protection Association study, it was reported that heating equipment was involved in 53,600 home structure fires, 400 civilian deaths, and $893 million in direct property damage in 2013. Heating equipment is one of the most common causes of home structure fires and fire damage in the U.S. If you use a pellet stove to heat your home, take the proper precautions to protect yourself from fire damage. Use these five tips to help prevent pellet stove fire damage in your home.


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