How many hours does a sump pump battery backup last?

Posted by Jason Vickery / September 04, 2019 /

A Brief History and Appreciation of Batteries

Posted by Jason Vickery / June 06, 2017 /

Batteries have had an essential aninteresting part of our history and technological advancement.  Going back as far as 250 B.C., batteries provided the main source of energy prior to the development of electric grids and generators.  Improvements in battery technology have made way for major electrical innovations.  From early scientific breakthroughs to devices like the telegraph and telephones right up through today’s modern laptops, mobile phones and even cars, batteries have made all kinds technological strides possible.


Why Traditional Backup Sump Pumps Fall Short of Expectations

Posted by Jason Vickery / May 22, 2017 /

Pump Sentry is not a backup pump. It is a combination inverter-battery charger, otherwise known as an uninterruptable power supply (UPS). It is designed to keep your primary pump operating at peak performance during power outages. 


48V DC For Telecommunications: Powering An Industry

Posted by Ernest Herz / March 15, 2016 /

Why is 48V a telecommunications industry standard operating voltage? There are several reasons why this is the case. First, it is considered a “compromise voltage” because this voltage level is high enough to enable relatively low signal loss for transmissions over large distances and yet low enough to be considered a “safe low voltage.”  Most common safety regulations internationally consider levels below 50V to be safe. 

Another advantage of this voltage level is that four 12V batteries connected in series create a 48V DC backup power source, usable in the event of electrical power outage. Many central stations have elaborate arrays of 48V battery banks which may occupy even an entire room.


DC-DC Converters for Utility Trucks: Harnessing the Secret Power

Posted by Ernest Herz / March 10, 2016 / NEWS

When trucks first came into popular use, nobody would have dreamed of the numerous specialty applications evolving in the ensuing decades. In those days, only a fraction of homes had electricity. Today one is hard put to find a building that does not, thanks to the existence of the electrical power grid.  The maintenance of the functionality of the power grid is made possible through the capabilities ofutility trucks and their trained operators.


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